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Vivay Li—Graphic designer at Phoenix Labs, the creators of the Dauntless video game

Vivay Li (IDEA18) is a graphic designer at Phoenix Labs for their free-to-play monster slaying game, Dauntless. She did her practicum at The Sequence Group, a boutique animation studio in Vancouver and split up her time between volunteering, freelancing, and networking during the summer.

She continues to volunteer for industry events, such as Artbreakers, Full Indie, Vault 100, and Global Game Jam, provide support for minorities in the games industry and believes “everyone deserves to be loved, regardless of what they do or do not achieve.” Catch up with Vivay!

Darcy Clelland draws comics and designs video game and app interfaces

Graduating in 2009 after the recession gave Darcy Clelland no choice but to pursue freelancing. Now loving life on Vancouver Island, he works for a new company that is making apps in the farming industry but he still gets excited when he sees the records, shirts, hats and general merch that he makes for his friends bands. Read his story.